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... but I don't want to be unilateral. Have a look on the Talk page for a little gentle discourse.

General Style[edit]

For each entity the wiki describes there should be one page; better to create a new page than to just add a random link to an only slightly related page (cries of "Save the eTrees" will be ignored). Pages should ideally belong to a category, and the top-level categories should be on the front page. To put a page in a category, include in the page somewhere

Adding links to categories to the front page is a slightly blacker art than might otherwise be expected, as linking to them normally will not in fact link to them but put the front page in that category, which is rather inconvenient. To get around this, create a new page with a name as near as possible to the category name (for example, for Category:Whatever, you would make a page Whatever), which contains a redirect to the category, thus:

#REDIRECT [[Category:Whatever]]

And then add this on the front page in the relevant place. Go go MediaWiki.


Ideally screenshots should be thumbnailed (for example, as in DR Doodle) - to do this use the thumb option to the image, thus:

caption goes here

This will automagically bung the image on the right with a thumbnail.