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GEM/1 Item Selector
GEM/2 Item Selector
GEM/5 Item Selector

The Item Selector is a screen displayed by GEM to choose a file to load or save.

Parts of the screen[edit]

  • The "Directory" field contains the current path and search pattern to use.
  • The "Selection" field indicates the filename to load or save.
  • The list on the left shows files and folders (folders marked with a ◆). Double-clicking a file selects it; double-clicking a folder moves to that folder.
  • Above the list, the title bar shows what search pattern is in use, and the 'close' symbol (◼, ⧓, or ◂) moves to the next directory up. Moving up from the root directory displays a list of drives - the "?:" button in GEM/5 and FreeGEM is a shortcut to the drive list.


GEM 1.1 does not display the drive list. If it is currently showing the root directory of a drive, clicking the close button does nothing. To switch to a different drive, the user would have to edit the path displayed under "Directory".

The path cannot grow longer than the width of the "Directory:" control -- 42 characters in GEM/1 to GEM/3. If it does overflow the control, the search pattern will be cut off.


The fsel_input call is used to display this screen and await results. On FreeGEM, fsel_exinput can also be used; this allows the title of the screen to be changed from "Item Selector" to something else.